Bespoke Bow Ties

Living in Charleston, South Carolina, I consider bow ties a necessity not an accessory. I began making bow ties so that I would have a wide assortment to choose from when dressing my little gentleman. This soon turned into a small business as there were others who were interested in what I was doing. I come from a long line of women who are crafty with fabric and other mediums making sewing feel like I am in a natural element. Being laid off from a job that I loved in February 2012 was motivation to take this new hobby to the internet as a way to bring in money to my family. I now make bow ties for gentlemen of all ages and hair bows for little ladies as well. As for the name "Gigi", it was a nickname given to me by my nephew when he was leraning to speak. He couldn't pronounce "Jenny". Ten years later it has stuck and that's what my immediate family calls me.

Thanks for reading yall!

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